How Smart eBay Sellers Are Secretly Making 30,368+ Sales Without Spending On Ads

By Alvin Phang

Did you ever have a need to make some extra income? But you are not sure how to start? Here’s how I started from the beginning.

On 7th Oct 2006, I started my journey in online marketing by starting a marketing blog called GatherSuccess.

I wrote about marketing strategies and case studies and after 12 years I had the  taught and provided marketing advice to over 37,000 current social followers online.

Since 2006, I also had coached 24,000+ of students in 150 countries with results ranging from $20k to well over $300,000 in sales just from applying our easy to follow step by step online training.

In this article, I am going to share with you my 11 years of marketing online experiences with TIPS & “SECRETS” NO ONE tells you that I hope to be able to bless you with 🙂 So grab a paper and pen and prepare to take notes 🙂

There Are Many eCom Models To Make Money Online
BUT There Are Some Hidden Things You Need
To Know Before You Begin

In 2015, we had students sell on Amazon using drop shipping. It was a massive success that my student’s results were in the range of 4 to 5 figures as shown below one of them.

I was sincerely very happy for my students and we had many reports of people leaving their jobs to do this business full time.


Amazon required all orders to be for-fill in time and because of that, it got really hard and RISKY to drop ship because of slow deliveries or out of stock that might get your Amazon account banned if you miss a few orders to meet their high standards. So I made the hard decision to drop that model because it was risky for my students…

So we switched from drop shipping which does not require any purchase or creating our own branded products and sells it through Amazon FBA instead.

In 2016, it was easy to sell 20 to 50 products in one day through Amazon FBA. My highest record was one of our product launches got ranked 5,000 on Amazon and sold over 250 products in a single day 🙂

Profit margins were good back then at 30 to 40% for every sale and my students also experienced similar success!

AGAIN IN 2017!

Amazon started to introduce the banned of giveaways for reviews and forces all sellers to advertise on their platform to get more sales.

Because of this new advertising expense on top of the already high start up cost of $1k to $2k for each product launch it dropped the profit margins from 40% to 10% 🙁

To give you the bigger picture, before the change every $1000 of sales made us $300 to $400 net profit.

Right now in if you sell on Amazon you will be lucky if you break even or earn around 10% of your sales which means $1000 only earns you $100.

So imagine, if you like to earn $1,000 net profit you need to invest at least $10,000+ and additional Amazon AD cost too that might add another 20 to 30% of that amount.

And that’s the hidden costs that normally Gurus wont tell you until you jump into then you realize there is all these cost I just mention. While there will be some who can afford it but not many can 🙁

So if you are thinking of selling on Amazon but DO NOT have a lot of capital to start with I would not recommend you to start selling with Amazon FBA.


Around that time, Shopify started to become popular and since I knew I need to spend on Ads on Amazon, I might as well drop ship and spend money on FB ads to promote them my products.

The benefits of Shopify is that, you have more control over your store and you do not have to meet the high standards of Amazon, however the major draw back you have to advertise your store to promote your products if not no one will buy them!

You might have read MANY PEOPLE are successfully making real good money online BUT they DON’T tell they had to spend at least $2,000 to $3,000+ before they are even in profit to build up Shopify store & Facebook audience.

And you be shocked to know, most successful Shopify store owners who hit the 4 to 5 figure sales range made their money mainly from selling only 1 or 2 products after spending at a lot of ADS to test various products and ADS WHICH Gurus won’t tell you 🙂

The thing is you need to LOSE money 1st in what we called the “testing phase” to find out what sells BEFORE they actually start making PROFITS on their Shopify stores.

How I know this because I have been there and done it 🙂 Our first breakthrough on our Shopify store of $4,000 revenue sales only happen after I spend over $2,000 on Facebook Ads and thank God I break even 😛

So on the surface, it may seem nice to see someone generating 5 figure sales just like this below

But the HONEST truth is this seller mostly like have spent at least $3000 to $4000 to achieve this type of result AND not EVERYONE can afford it!

And that is presuming the seller knows what they are doing 😛 There are also a lot of newbies who overspend on ADS and cost that resulted in losses than gain!

Yes you read it right, even if someone generating $16k of sales as you seen above maybe losing money instead of profit when they spend too much on their AD spend!

Which is why many people who tried to sell on Shopify fail because they lack money to spend on Ads.

While I was still able to get great success for the businesses I shared above. There was still one major problem as I see it from a trainer point of view as my goal was for you to succeed in making online online


I know this because whenever I teach my students Amazon or Shopify and not everyone took action and it is not because they don’t want to but simply put they cannot afford it sometimes. That makes me sad 🙁

They were restricted with the amount of money they had for purchasing of stock or spending on Facebook Ads.

In the case of selling on Amazon through FBA, you need at least US$1k to create your own private label product plus an additional $300+ ( 30% ) to spend on ADs to start.

In the case of drop shipping on Shopify, you do not need to spend money to buy stock but you need to spend at least $500 to $2k to build up your Facebook Pixel and test various ADs and products before you can find a winning profitable product.

I was very determined to find a solution for my students because I do sincerely care about your success as what my mentor has taught me below:

I am truly thankful for  the wisdom God has given to me in doing business online and right now I got some good news to really help you succeed in your online business WITHOUT spending money on ADS or product investments.


Is to find a way where students DO NOT require to spend on ADs to promote their product and combining that with drop shipping which only requires to buy the stock only when there is sale.

By leveraging, on existing platforms with big base that allow drop shipping.

All you need to invest in is TIME which everyone can afford to spend to make a business grow 🙂


Step 1: Research To Find Out What Sells on EBAY
Step 2: Duplicate , Optimize & List Item Proven Items On EBAY ( Takes 10 mins )
Step 3: Your Listing Gets Free Traffic & Generate Sales
Step 4: You Only Spend Money To Purchase The Product When There is Sales

Unlike the traditional models where you need to spend money on ADS or Products this model is build upon a numbers game! The more you list, the higher your chances of success in generating sales.

Note this is not Shopify, Amazon, Qoo10 or Lazada. Ebay platform has over 175 million users that many sellers are secretly selling on. Just check out how many products are sold by just one seller on EBAY below:

So let me introduce to you our proven program called


Here’s What You Will Learn & Achieve Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

  • Design With You In Mind With Simple To Follow Hands On Steps & Tutorials Provided

  • Find Hot Selling Products On Ebay

  • Create Your 1st Listing On The Platform In Just 10 Minutes or Less

  • Find Best Selling Products Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

  • Proven tactics that helped out student get results

  • Plan & Execute Proven Marketing Plans To Get Maximum Results From Your Listing Efforts

Lifetime Access To EBAY Dropship Masterclass Online Hands On Tutorials

Module #1 - Important Foundation Basics Hands On Tutorials

  1. Introduction To Ebay Platform of 150 Million Users ( Not Shopify, Amazon, Qoo10 or Lazada )
  2. Understand What You Need To Get Started
  3. Register & Link Your Paypal Account To Sell On Ebay
  4. How To Plan For Success With Smart Marketing Plan & Research Targeting
  5. Learn To Us FREE Tool ________ To Speed Up Listing Process by 200%!
  6. Understand What Types of Products Sells Well on Ebay

Module #2 - Market Research Hands On Tutorials

  1. Identify & Spot Hot Products That Sells 10,000+ Pieces or More!
  2. Learn To Understand What Sells & How To Avoid Mistakes 90% of Newbies Always Do
  3. Discover How Sell Through Rates & Affect Your Rates of Success On Ebay
  4. Identify Untapped Products & Markets That Competitors Are Not Aware of
  5. Boost Rankings On Ebay By 50% By Optimizing Your Titles & Images
  6. Find Drop Shipping Suppliers With The Lowest Prices For Highest Profits!

Module #3 - Listing Optimization Hands On Tutorials

  1. Hands On Tutorial On How To List A Product In Just 10 Minutes Using _____________
  2. Learn How To Create Good Titles To Rank High & Attract Buyers!
  3. How To Create High Converting Images To Sell Your Products
  4. Identify What Price Will Gives You The Highest Conversion of Sales
  5. Understand How Much To Mark Up For Your Products ( Ranging From 10% to 40% )

Module #4 - Advance Market Research

  1. Find Million Dollar Top Ebay Sellers To Duplicate And Model Over
  2. Use Top Secret Tool To Find Out What Products Sells Very Well On Ebay

What You Need & FAQ

  • A Working Laptop , Mouse and Internet
  • Average 1 to 3 Hours Per Day Is Recommend To Do The Business
  • There Will Be No Upsells In This Program All You Need Is Here
  • Video Access is Lifetime
  • Other Cost Involves Only Purchase of Products When There Are Sales ( Dropship )
  • There Is A Online Software We Will Use But It's FREE to Use

Fast Action Add On Bonus

BONUS #1 - Private Facebook Group - Worth US$297

At the "GatherSuccess" family, we believe in building strong relationship and community with one another.

With this private Facebook Group for students you can discuss topics related to drop shipping and latest updates will be posted in there too!

BONUS #2 - Practical Worksheets To Help You Step By Step - Worth $197

To speed up your process in learning, I have carefully crafted 3 worksheets & excel tools to help you get started to make sales on Ebay in no time.

You will get downloadable access to the following worksheets & excel tools

  • Excel Tool #1 - Ebay Keywords Sell Through Rate Excel With Step By Step Tutorial
  • Printable Worksheet #2 - Guides You In Selecting & Your 1st Product With  a Checklist
  • Printable Worksheet #3 - Guide In Listing The Item On Ebay
BONUS #3 - Additional Secret Platform Dropship Masterclass - Worth US$997

Only if you sign up now, you will get a FREE online upgrade for you to learn how to sell on an untapped platform with over 100 million customers!

Which means for the price of 1 program, you get to learn to sell in TWO platforms instead of ONE also known as Channel Selling 🙂

Summary of What You Get

  1. Lifetime Access To Ebay Masterclass Online Tutorials - Worth $997
  2. Private Facebook Group - Worth $297
  3. Practical Downloadable & Printable Worksheets - Worth $197
  4. Additional Secret Platform Dropship Masterclass - Worth $997

Total Worth $2488

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