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Top 7 Simple Items That You Never Thought Would Sell 6 Figures On EBAY USA

Hi my name is Alvin Phang and since 2006, I specialized in helping individuals just like you to setup , find & source hot selling products to sell online.

I have coached 25,000+ of students in 152 countries and in this article I am going to reveal to you ideas and tips to help you boost your sales online!

In Order To Succeed You Must Know What People Want To Buy Online

Here’s a list of the top 7 ideas that you can take right now to make a killing to sell on Ebay right now

1. Professional Chef Knife Set ( Sold 7507 Pieces – $187.299 )

 It’s just a simple set of knife that is hot seller right now on Ebay.

2. Casio Watch ( Sold 9131 Pieces – $82,179 )

Watches are a hot item on Ebay USA and did you notice this is a Singapore seller selling in USA market

3. Tactical Flashlight ( Sold 7592 Pieces – $57,623 )

People in the USA love their hiking and camping and it is not surprise flashlights sells well too especially during the hiking seasons in the USA.

4. Bluetooth Headset ( Sold 4113 Pieces – $36,976 )

Everyone loves music and targeting people who go to work or travel would love this item.

5. iPhone Tempered Glass ( Sold 6248 Pieces – $40,549 )

There are many iphone 8 users in the USA and this is just targeting just iphone users, imagine what if you target other version of iphone or android phones?

6. Patriotic USA Flag Beanies ( Sold 1836 – $27,448 )

Americas love their country and especially during winter time these things sell!

7. Alpine Slippers ( Sold 1147 – $22,928 )

There are many types of slippers on sale on Ebay USA but not all are create equal, knowing what type of slipper , model and color as seen above will give you information what type of slippers sell.

Alright So Now You Know What Sells…

So What’s Next?

You Find The Suppliers & List Them On
That Has 177 Million Users!

The good news, you do not need to keep stock to sell these items above!

Using a proven tactic call drop shipping, you only buy single products from your supplier whenever there is an order on Ebay USA.

That’s way, you not only save money on keeping stock that does not sell but you max your earnings too!

Here’s a simple diagram to explain how that works

I Like To Coach You

How To Find Hot Products &

Show You My Secret List of Suppliers That I Have Been Collecting For 12 Years!

If you are still not convince that selling on EBAY USA can make money.

Let me show you how much top sellers can make below:

Come Join Me At Our Proven & Affordable

Here’s What You Will Learn & Achieve Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

  • Design With You In Mind With Simple To Follow Hands On Steps & Tutorials Provided

  • Find Hot Selling Products On Ebay

  • Create Your 1st Listing On The Platform In Just 10 Minutes or Less

  • Find Best Selling Products Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

  • Proven tactics that helped out student get results

  • Plan & Execute Proven Marketing Plans To Get Maximum Results From Your Listing Efforts

On Top of The Workshop You Also Get Bonus Lifetime Access My Proven Hands-On Online Tutorials Too!

Module #1 - Important Foundation Basics Hands On Tutorials

  1. Introduction To Ebay Platform of 150 Million Users ( Not Shopify, Amazon, Qoo10 or Lazada )
  2. Understand What You Need To Get Started
  3. Register & Link Your Paypal Account To Sell On Ebay
  4. How To Plan For Success With Smart Marketing Plan & Research Targeting
  5. Learn To Us FREE Tool ________ To Speed Up Listing Process by 200%!
  6. Understand What Types of Products Sells Well on Ebay

Module #2 - Market Research Hands On Tutorials

  1. Identify & Spot Hot Products That Sells 10,000+ Pieces or More!
  2. Learn To Understand What Sells & How To Avoid Mistakes 90% of Newbies Always Do
  3. Discover How Sell Through Rates & Affect Your Rates of Success On Ebay
  4. Identify Untapped Products & Markets That Competitors Are Not Aware of
  5. Boost Rankings On Ebay By 50% By Optimizing Your Titles & Images
  6. Find Drop Shipping Suppliers With The Lowest Prices For Highest Profits!

Module #3 - Listing Optimization Hands On Tutorials

  1. Hands On Tutorial On How To List A Product In Just 10 Minutes Using _____________
  2. Learn How To Create Good Titles To Rank High & Attract Buyers!
  3. How To Create High Converting Images To Sell Your Products
  4. Identify What Price Will Gives You The Highest Conversion of Sales
  5. Understand How Much To Mark Up For Your Products ( Ranging From 10% to 40% )

Module #4 - Advance Market Research

  1. Find Million Dollar Top Ebay Sellers To Duplicate And Model Over
  2. Use Top Secret Tool To Find Out What Products Sells Very Well On Ebay

Singapore Ebay Workshop Venue Information

Date: 26th Jan (Sat) 2019
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre #13-07, Singapore 408600

What You Need & FAQ

  • A Working Laptop , Mouse and Internet
  • Average 1 to 3 Hours Per Day Is Recommend To Do The Business
  • There Will Be No Upsells In This Program All You Need Is Here
  • Video Access is Lifetime
  • Other Cost Involves Only Purchase of Products When There Are Sales ( Dropship )
  • There Is A Online Software We Will Use But It's FREE to Use

Fast Action Add On Bonus

BONUS #1 - Private Facebook Group - Worth US$297

At the "GatherSuccess" family, we believe in building strong relationship and community with one another.

With this private Facebook Group for students you can discuss topics related to drop shipping and latest updates will be posted in there too!

BONUS #2 - Practical Worksheets To Help You Step By Step - Worth $197

To speed up your process in learning, I have carefully crafted 3 worksheets & excel tools to help you get started to make sales on Ebay in no time.

You will get downloadable access to the following worksheets & excel tools

  • Excel Tool #1 - Ebay Keywords Sell Through Rate Excel With Step By Step Tutorial
  • Printable Worksheet #2 - Guides You In Selecting & Your 1st Product With  a Checklist
  • Printable Worksheet #3 - Guide In Listing The Item On Ebay
BONUS #3 - Additional Secret Platform Dropship Masterclass - Worth US$997

Only if you sign up now, you will get a FREE online upgrade for you to learn how to sell on an untapped platform with over 100 million customers!

Which means for the price of 1 program, you get to learn to sell in TWO platforms instead of ONE also known as Channel Selling 🙂

Summary of What You Get

  1. Lifetime Access To Ebay Masterclass Online Tutorials - Worth $997
  2. Singapore Ebay Workshop Full Day - Worth $997
  3. Private Facebook Group - Worth $297
  4. Practical Downloadable & Printable Worksheets - Worth $197
  5. Bonus Secret Platform Dropship Masterclass Online Tutorials
    Worth $997

Total Worth $3485


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