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Finally A Smarter Money-Saving Way
To Start Selling Online Even If You Are New!

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Alvin Phang and welcome to “GatherSuccess Pro” where I will coach you how you can find high performing Ads and duplicate them yourself and generate massive sales from the comfort of your home.

Since 2006, I have coach 20,100+ of successful students in 133 countries with results ranging from $20k to well over $300,000 in sales just from applying our easy to follow step by step online training and I looking forward to sharing some powerful tips here.

Selling stuff online is not new and it had helped thousands of people make a good income online selling from the comfort of their own home. However, many internet marketers fail in their efforts to generate positive results from running many failed campaigns and that’s how “GatherSuccess Pro” was born to solve this problem and I created this powerful complete proven Facebook Masterclass

Since 2006 We Helped
Students in 133 Countries

Here’s What You Learn In This Complete Facebook Masterclass Outline of 44 Tutorials!

Basic Foundation

  1. Learn Important Foundation Before You Start Any Business To Help You Get Results
  2. Understand How The L.O.V.E Sales Funnel Can Boost Your Business Sales
  3. Why Having Leads Can Grow Your Business That Everyone Needs

Learn to Understand Their Needs

  1. Learn What To Sell Online That Works Even If You Are New or Have No Idea What To Sell
  2. Understanding What You Sell is Key For Your Success
  3. GSPRO Worksheet To Help You Identify What To Sell or Offer
  4. Discover The Various Types of Offers You Can Sell Online
  5. How To Analyse What Your Competitors Do For Ideas
  6. Deeply Understand Your Customers So You Can Give What They Want
  7. How To Improve Your CTR with AIDA Marketing
  8. Learn To Create High Converting Ad Copies with Templates Provided

Over Delivery Their Expectations

  1. How To Get People To Love What You Sell Online
  2. Create Facebook Ad Images That Will Convert With High CTR
  3. Facebook Online Ad Templates & Samples Exercises
  4. Build Facebook Fan pages & Lead Forms That Converts
  5. Tips On Improving To Get Better Results

Value Add By Providing Solutions

  1. Learn Advance Audience Targeting Tactics
  2. How To Use The GS Pro Blueprint To Build Your 1st Facebook Ad
  3. Create Your Pixel Audience To Boost Sales

Engage & Build Trust

  1. Strategies To Build Trust That Works
  2. Build Powerful Content That People Want & Create Your Lead Magnet
  3. Email Strategies To Build Trust & Sell More

Step By Step Detailed Case Study

  1. Follow Along with Me As I Create A Ad From Scratch
  2. Every Step is Shown From Setup Autoresponder, Sync Leads , FB Columns & More
  3. I Show You How To Optimise The Ads
  4. Learn When To Pause Any Campaign & How To Scale Them To Win

Analyse & Know What Sells Well On Facebook With Our Massive Facebook Ads Library

lims-1604450_960_720Our team of experts have uncovered proven formulas that top advertisers are using to get unbelievable click thru rates (CTR) at dirt cheap price from their ads.

… we’ve spent months figuring out what works behind a successful Facebook ad and compiled a huge “FB Ads Library” to show you what works.

… you will be able to see these top performing ads know what works and study the style, colour, ad copy, image and branding behind each ad

… you just modify and use these ads to create winning ads that will produce more sales, saves you time and money from testing what works.

… here’s some examples of the types of Ads found in the “FB Ads Library” below

3 Easy Steps To Start Making Money Online

  • Discover Hot Converting Ads Through Our Tools

    Explore the Ads Library or Search In Our Insights or Niche Search to Find High Converting Ads to Duplicate

  • Create Similar Ad Copy & Product

    Setup Your Facebook Ad Copy & Product On Your Store

  • Run Your Ads & Optimise Them To Cash In!

    Setup Your Facebook Ads & Cash In Your High Converting Ads!

macbook-577758_1920So you not only tap on my 11 years of experience of marketing online since 2006, you also will be able to have an unfair advantage over your competition to uncover the exact ads your competitors are generate CHEAP, profitable traffic from Social Media how much would that save you?

You would potential save at least 300% in your Ad spend by just duplicating what works instead.

Normally for such tools and database of tools would easily cost you at least $67 to $299 per month, but I want to make your life selling on Social Media easier…

What Others Say About Our Program

Mark-Results-0022017-05-24 at 2.50.06 pm

73% ROI $109.95 of sale from just $29.11 Spend!

I was able to have clear direction and a plan to make it possible. Its now really exciting to keep building on my business.

Having worked construction for 15 years, I had no experience or knowledge in the area.This was no drama for Alvin he guided me through every step.

Great guy who you can trust to help start or improve your online business

Mark Hughes – Businessman

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 7.55.39 PM

Over 32 Leads In A Fews Days Costing As Little As $1.18!

“In a span of just a few days I gather over 32 leads and what Alvin has taught me has saved me a ton of money from the knowledge and insights he shares in this course”

Goh Wei Zhong – Businessman

Special Bonuses – E-Com Masterclass + Advance Modules ( Total Worth $394! )

    • Comes with 44 Hands On Tutorial & Examples
    • Learn how to setup a 6 figure e-comm store in no time
    • Discover how you can start generating sales by advertising as low as $5 per day
    • Create E-Com Ads that converts and sell and so much more..
  • ADVANCE Facebook Pixel Audience Module  Worth $97
    • 90% of E-Com stores fail because of not being able to setup the pixel right
    • Learn in this module how to setup your Facebook Pixel
    • Create more sales creating retargeting ads by using this pixel.

Get Access To Over 80+ Easy To Follow Hands On Tutorials + Tools & Resources ( Total Worth $1374! )

GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO THESE COURSES ( No More Worries of Recurring Bill )

    • Comes with 36 Hands On Tutorial & Examples
    • Come with 44 Hands On Tutorials & Examples


  • ADS INSIGHTS Worth $47 
    • Find Hidden Gems On Facebook
    • Find E-Comm Ads Gems On Facebook
  • FB Worksheets & Ad Copies Worth $47
    • Helps You Create High Converting Ad Copy
  • FB ADS LIBRARY Worth $197
    • Over 30+ Niches of Ad Niches To Check
    • Many E-Comm Ads from Shopify , Teespring, Amazon, Clickbank ,GearBubble and more
    • Helps You To Cut Your Listing Time By 50% for Ebay , Amazon.

Select Your Preferred Package Below



GET $50 OFF Just For The Courses!

95% OFF ( Usual Price $891 )
One Time Payment Access To All
3 Masterclasses Only
No Software & Resources Included
( Total of 80+ Video Tutorials Included )

Pay By Paypal

You Can Use GatherSuccess Pro To

Find Profitable Shopify Stores & Products

Create The Right Ads Campaigns That Converts

Discover New Profitable Niches That No One Wants You To Know!

Find Top Selling T-Shirt Designs On TeeSpring, GearBubble & Teechip

What Sells Well For Amazon Affiliates

Save Time & Money Testing Ads


Q. What the differences in plans?
A. There is not differences in each silver, gold or lifetime plan, you get everything stated here. It is just different mode of payment and promotion for our GatherSuccess Pro package

Q. Is this legal?
A. Yes. Absolutely. Many businesses have been checking out on each other’s ads since advertising was invented.

Q. But, is this ethical?
A. Absolutely. Remember, you’re not “copying” your competitors. You’re using GatherSuccess Pro to see what others are doing and why are they getting so many clicks and sales from their ads.

Q. Will Facebook ban me from using this tool?
A. No. This tool is not a scraper or a bot. You will not “interfere” with Facebook but only using their already available open graph search to find hot ads online.